Have you tried other mental health approaches and been left wanting more?

Do you live an alternative lifestyle and struggle to find a helping professional that understands your life choices?

Asylum Advising has individual education sessions and mental health classes that provide you with the tools you need to succeed. 

Choose from our convenient scheduling options below,



In Person or Online
$108 per hour at our Tempe or Scottsdale locations |  $98 via Google Meet
or $208 for 2 in person sessions | $188 for 2 online sessions

Mental health education with attention to your personal situation.  
We cater to every type of learner; visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and reading/writing styles.
We provide education on the following topics with specific lessons:
Alcoholic / DUI,  Drug Addiction, Sex Addiction, and Rehab/Relapse Prevention Aftercare
Cheating and Other Relationship Conflict
Childhood Abuse or PTSD, Historical, Racial, or Ancestral Trauma
Death of a Loved One, Grief and Loss 
Goal Setting, Career Choices
experience with re-entry from jails/prisons, LGBTQIA+, and varying lifestyles such as open (poly or swinger) relationships 
and alternative sexual preferences, (kink & fetish) counseling. 
Includes access to a workbook and personal guidance to complete it.

Credits for sessions do not expire and can be transferred to family or friends.


Wednesdays at 4pm MST via Google Meet
$48 per 80 minute session, or $88 for 2 class sessions

This mental health class is centered on you...  we learn more than we would learn independently by bearing witness to others' stories and growth.  Group is evolutionary; pathways and topics of discussion are altered based on topics as students introduce them.  Education classes are our foundation.  All class members are asked to commit to confidentiality at the start of each group session.  The foundations of education provided are the basics of interpersonal conflict, parenting styles, personality types, codependency, boundaries, and communication.  Other topics grow organically through shared conversation.

Our package option is 2 classes for $88 attended at your convenience.  Credits for class sessions do not expire and can be transferred to family or friends.



The team at Asylum Advising is composed of proud members of the LGBTQIA+ community and are also highly familiar with the specialized experiences and concerns that are present in open relationships or alternative sexual preferences. Our skills in addressing the adverse experiences these communities face come from a combination of lived/ professional experience and education. We have a passion for and specialize in developmental/ancestral trauma that has affected historically marginalized people including non-white populations and the LGBTQIA+ communities. Our advisors identify with the neurodivergent spectrum, as well as the recovery community, and can work with people who are facing any type of attention deficit or identify as on the spectrum of neurodivergency. Our advisors have extensive experience working with clients along the entire socioeconomic spectrum, from correctional facilities, mental health hospitals, upscale rehab center, as well as corporate leadership.  Our lived/professional experience and education have taught our advisors to be versatile and effective in optimizing the well-being of all populations.

“All sorts of things in this world behave like mirrors.”
― Jacques Lacan