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Motivational Speaker


Is your business struggling to retain staff? 

Are your workers as productive and satisfied as they could be? 

Is your workplace making resiliency and diversity a part of it's foundational culture? 

In a fast moving economy faced with increasingly stressful global situations, Asylum Empire helps build your organization into a safe, productive place where employees enjoy spending their time.

Kara Jean Brei, MA, NCC is specifically qualified to help create more resilient institutions. She has been working with leadership and management through the entirety of her two years at South Mountain WORKS Coalition. Kara initially joined as the chair of the policy and sustainability action team.  More recently, she was voted into the position of Vice-Chair, second in command of the entire coalition, while retaining her original duties with the policy and sustainability action team. The coalition works with businesses and institutions to create more connective, relationship-focused communities that prevent behaviors that interfere with efficiency and productivity. Kara Jean Brei spent the vast majority of her behavioral health experience hosting groups within institutions, with the purpose of improving morale and has continued this mission since 2008.  Asylum Advising is also partnered with a technology firm called Mood Connect that helps employers evaluate the sentiment of their employees' written communications using artificial intelligence.



Working Towards More Resilient and Efficient Workplaces

It is possible to live in a world where workplaces are safe and enjoyable. Productivity flourishes if based on a solid foundation of connection and healthy working relationships.  Working with Asylum Empire can optimize the efficiency and growth of your organization by addressing the root causes of many workplace dysfunctions.


$180 per hour
Virtual or On Location

Our Executive Advising Package features one-on-one sessions with leaders in your organization. The aim of these sessions is to educate leadership on working with diverse workforces.  Sessions will build and reinforce empathy around how personal experiences can influence the working relationship.  Our advisors accomplish this by by leveraging understanding to optimize communication and efficiency, identifying barriers to connecting and team engagement, and cultivating Ideas for optimizing the working environment.  This threefold approach increases workplace satisfaction and productivity within the organization as a whole.


from $480
On Location

Asylum is prepared to train your workforce to be more connected and productive based on trauma-informed principles that enhance group cohesion and resilience.  The baseline price is for  one interactive group training or a speaking engagement for 2 hours.  Services range from workplace resiliency assessments to guided organizational changes including outcome monitoring after implementation.  Full workforce/environmental assessments are available, please contact us for an initial consultation so that our executive advisor can custom create a consulting package specific to your unique business.


$318 per month
+ text support

Executive Membership allows for monthly pricing and flexible scheduling. The monthly price includes 2 executive sessions per month and text support as needed.  This package is optimal for the busy professional that may need advising for a longer period of time as well as flexible scheduling.  We know business runs at the speed of light.  We will run with you and be there when you need us most.